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Hey there,

My name is Carlos B. I'm the founder of IC Insurance Academy

Hello I’m Carlos Basurto. My passions in life are family, friends, teaching, learning and insurance. Yes, I said INSURANCE!!! I have been a pre-licensing insurance instructor for the last 15 years. 
I have worked with many big insurance companies & groups, and I have also ran my own agency. Learning the ins and outs of the insurance world has greatly contributed to my ability to educate and instruct. 
Even though I have held various positions in the industry, teaching has always felt like it is my calling. 
After much encouragement from friends  and colleagues in the industry, I have decided to open IC Insurance Academy, a new state of the art pre-licensing training center that offers courses in Pre-Licensing and beyond, as well as Specialized Academy classes designed for the career insurance professional. We are dedicated to bringing you “real world” tactics vs “insurance test” theory to help you succeed. 
I am proud of what my team, partners and I have built here at IC Insurance academy, and I look forward to getting you started (or reinvigorated) in your career!


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What Students Say

Best place to study for the insurance test
CIC Insurance Academy is the best place to study for the insurance test, Carlos Basurto is an excellent teacher, I passed my P&C test at the first try. I recommend 100% CIC Insurance Academy!!! Georgina Gaytan
T 2
Investing for Your Future
It is no exaggeration to say this MasterStudy experience was transformative–both professionally and personally. This workshop will long remain a high point of my life. Thanks again…. I am feeling energized and eager to start teaching my class next week. I can’t wait to use all of my new teaching tools. I will absolutely recommend this workshop to other educators!
The instructor, Carlos, is very good. He made it a relaxed and comfortable learning experience. With appropriate scenarios and stories, he made it easy to relate to, understand and remember.

He proved to be very knowledgeable about insurance. And, was able to answer all of my questions, not only with a straight short answer, but also examples!!

Thank you, Carlos. I passed the exam in 1st attempt!

I would highly recommend!!! 🙂
Cassie Chaney
Took the commercial course, started studying on Thursday, scheduled my test for Tuesday, passed my test on my first time! Love the front tips! Really helped have confidence while I was taking the test. Best professional education school I’ve ever had! Thank you Carlos and team!
Karla Soriano
Amazing class. Instructor was very helpful. They make sure to help you each step of the way and I passed my exam only due to them. Thanks a ton guys.
Nolan Domenech
Carlos is awesome. He explains everything so clear and makes it so easy to understand. Place is clean and he really takes care of his students making sure he answers everyone's questions and even provided free drinks. Thank you for everything. I feel confident to take my test now. 👍
Rosa Carlos
I enrolled in the P & C insurance course with Carlos as the instructor. From the very first day, I felt that Carlos was taking extra time to not only teach the material, but explain the letter of the law behind it. By the last session, I felt well versed and confident in my knowledge of CA insurance code.

I scheduled the test for the day after the last class, and passed with flying colors. There were other individuals there for a 1 day refresher course who passed as well.

I highly recommend taking this class. If you have the certified hours, then I reccomend that you take their 1 day boot camp. You’ll pass
Jonah & Daddy’s World
I have been in the insurance industry for 5 years, there are many options for insurance licensing but what differentiates CIC from the rest is they give you constant education. It's not just a school where you get licensed and then they throw you out into the wolves. It's an education center that holds classes for specific lines of business- workers comp, trucking, general liability etc list goes on. These programs are needed for constant education! Thanks CIC I highly recommend other agents and this is the place I take my staff for future and constant training on certain niches!
Adrian Monreal
This is what our industry needs more of. Carlos and his staff is not only teaching pre licensing classes for Property and Casualty and Life and Health Licenses but the school is also teaching higher education classes to help agencies grow and add additional lines of insurance to agencies. I love the fact they have LIVE classes that bring the industry together.
Jon Spaugy
When ever an aspiring agent ask me: "how do I get in the business" I always refer them to Carlos at CIC .....AND then I ask them about his/her experience.....and the response is ALWAYS SUPER ...CARLOS IS GREAT!!!! My two daughters used CIC too......#pro
Michael McCurry
At CIC Insurance Academy I learned everything that I needed to know to pass the health and life test. The week long course was very helpful and actually a lot of fun. I would recommend this academy to anyone who is looking to expand their insurance knowledge. 10/10
CIC has been a great resource for education related to the insurance industry. Carlos is an incredible teacher. I highly recommend CIC Insurance Academy
Rosa Spaugy
The best Insurance Academy, you will learn much better in class with a knowledgeable teacher than with an online course. Give CIC a call and ask for Carlos. You will pass on your first test when you get your license!
I recommend anyone who is considering getting their life and Health or Property and Casualty license to CIC Academy! Carlos provided all the education and tools necessary for me to pass the exam!
Edward Ramirez
If your looking to get licensed for insurance this is the class to take. The teacher carlos is very knowledgeable and explains things in a way that stick. I passed my DOI test the 1st try thanks to him. 10/10 stars for sure
Cali Muscle
CIC Insurance Academy is the best place to study for the insurance test, Carlos Basurto is an excelent teacher, I passed my P&C test at the first try. I recommend at 100% CIC Insurance Academy!!!
Georgina Gaytan
Great place to learn your insurance industry material! Highly recommended!
Gilbert Ayon